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General Kratom Discussion
General Kratom Discussion

A place for general discussion about kratom. Check first to see if there is a dedicated topic page.

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Jake from State Farm
It's Jake, From State Farm...The Original

Reduce Feelings of Anxiety and Depression with Kratom

Depression may deplete your energy, leaving you numb, sad, and exhausted.

While anxiety is primarily characterized by overpowering feelings of worry, uncertainty, irritability, and restlessness. However, there are certain common symptoms amongst them. For instance, some depressed individuals may feel... (More)

Hi there. I haven't experienced this problem of having to withdraw from opioids, so I can't really speak to that but as a nurse I would never recommend stopping them all at once, even with kratom to substitute for symptoms.... (More)

Allyson Shock
Kratom Advocate & MitraSpec Affiliate

Hi there,

I absolutely agree with Courtney about tapering down or weaning yourself off of the rx meds; stopping meds cold turkey is a recipe for disaster, so definitely don't go that route. Ideally, alternating your pain meds & kratom... (More)

Unbelievable! 3 times in the last week, I have heard different people in different places describe kratom as artificial or synthetic cannabis. Since cannabis is already legal in one form or another in most of North America, I dont think... (More)