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Effects of Kratom Strains
Effects of Kratom Strains

There are some noticeable, key differences in the effects of various kratom strains. This will be the place to share your experiences or ask your questions about the effects of a particular strain. 

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This particular strain originates from Borneo Island in Indonesia and is a strain that has a reasonably high alkaloid content, which allows it to deliver fairly powerful effects. Both Green and Red have similar yet different effects depending on the... (More)
Here are some of the best kratom strains to mix together, based upon your personal preferences: Red & White Vein Kratom Blends: combining these kratom strains allows you to craft a blend similar to green vein kratom. However, unlike green... (More)
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Reduce Feelings of Anxiety and Depression with Kratom

Depression may deplete your energy, leaving you numb, sad, and exhausted.

While anxiety is primarily characterized by overpowering feelings of worry, uncertainty, irritability, and restlessness. However, there are certain common symptoms amongst them. For instance, some depressed individuals may feel... (More)

Hi there. I haven't experienced this problem of having to withdraw from opioids, so I can't really speak to that but as a nurse I would never recommend stopping them all at once, even with kratom to substitute for symptoms.... (More)