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Customer Service Questions
Customer Service Questions

Do you have MitraSpec customer service related questions? We'll be adding the answers to some of our most common questions here. You can also ask your own question, but we'd recommend you also reach out to us through email or by phone if you need immediate answers.

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Credit card payments are currently down. On Monday 5/24, there was an issue with our payment processor that seems to be affecting every company that processor was working with (most of which are kratom and CBD companies). We are hoping... (More)
MitraSpec Facebook groups questions: We are no longer using Facebook to discuss MitraSpec products. Due to all the rules and not being able to say to word KRATOM we have choose to discuss Kratom only in this community. If you... (More)

I’m betting you’ll have to wait until you place another order?  Hopefully you didn’t accidentally unsubscribe for EVER.  Let us know if you order again sometime so we can answer folks more promptly.  

We want to let everyone know, MitraSpec has a new customer service phone number. The new number is 972-275-9100 Our new system will answer your calls 24/7 and can provide answers to some of our most common questions. During normal... (More)