Credit card payments are currently down. On Monday 5/24, there was an issue with our payment processor that seems to be affecting every company that processor was working with (most of which are kratom and CBD companies). We are hoping that this issue will be resolved soon and that things can go back to normal, but anyone who has been buying kratom for a while knows that credit card payment issues are very common. For anyone new to kratom, I’ll explain more about this below. For now, we ask that our customers please be patient as we try to make other options available and look for ways to get credit card payments back up. As of right now, we have Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency payments (more on that below), and e-check payments by invoice.

For those who don’t know, the credit card companies (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, etc.) prohibit kratom sales from companies located in the US. This is the reason we have an office in Portugal and why our credit card sales are processed there. The credit card companies don’t have an issue with Portuguese kratom companies using their cards because Portugal has better laws surrounding “drugs” and banking. Unfortunately, the biggest, and maybe only, credit card processing company that works with US based companies like ours that sell kratom, is experiencing some kind of issue that is preventing them from sending us the money that you are paying for our products. Until this issue is resolved, we cannot accept credit card payments as we could potentially never receive that money. Once we know more about this specific situation or we have another processing company available, we will begin taking credit card payments once again.

As far as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies go, this is our preferred method of payment, and really should be yours as well. Here’s why. If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, basically, they are digital money. If you were going to travel from the US to France for example, you would need to take some American dollars and convert them into Euros so you would have money to spend there since the businesses in France don’t accept American dollars. You would go to your bank with $1,000 US and ask them to give you the equivalent in Euros. One of the biggest differences between this and Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is not physical money, it's digital. The great thing about Bitcoin is that there are no banks involved in your transactions. You can buy Bitcoins from a variety of platforms or from anyone else who has them and send them to anyone who has a Bitcoin wallet.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through the Square Cash App. They make it super easy to buy and send Bitcoin and they don’t charge crazy fees. If you have a Cash App account already, you can buy Bitcoin right now. Once you have Bitcoin in your Cash App, you just go to our site, make your purchase, choose Bitcoin at checkout and follow the instructions. It will give you an address to send the BTC to and a QR code that you can scan to make it even easier. With the QR code on the screen, just open your Cash App, go to the BTC section, and scan the code from our site to send the correct amount straight to our wallet. No banks involved, no processing companies, no credit cards, just you sending us money for your order. Talk about privacy.

We are working on putting together a video that explains a bit more about Bitcoin and how to use it for anyone who wants to learn. We hope to have that up soon.