An explanation of how the community operates:

After registering / logging in, you'll see the community's feed. At the very top of the screen, there is a navigation bar with important links. Below that there is the "Home" navigation bar which will take you to your feed, or to any of our topic categories. You can follow topics and individual members. You should receive notifications for any posts to either a topic you follow or posts from a member you follow. If you don't follow someone or something, you may only receive notifications related to your own posts, questions, answers, etc.

When creating a post you have a few options. The first option is the type of post. You can choose; Quick Post, Question, Discussion, or Blog. Setting this will help other users find your post as our feeds can be filtered to show only posts from the "Question" category for example.

At the bottom of the post box, you will see "Add Topics". Posts with no topics selected will show up in the main feed only. Choosing topics for your posts, will help members to see your content as our main feed begins to get longer and longer. Moderators and Admin are encouraged to add topics to any posts that don't have them as well. If you don't think one of the existing topics covers the content of your post, you can add your own topic. Member created topics will, by default, be treated like hashtags on any other social media platform. Members will be able to search for them, but will not be able to follow them to receive notifications. If a particular member created topic is popular, it may be moved into the main topics.

If you have any questions about how the community works, suggestions for ways to improve, or need community related technical support help, please post it in the "Community Support" topic or email