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Chronic Pain Support
Chronic Pain Support

Post about your experience with chronic pain. Ask questions or help others with theirs. 

Hi there. I haven't experienced this problem of having to withdraw from opioids, so I can't really speak to that but as a nurse I would never recommend stopping them all at once, even with kratom to substitute for symptoms.... (More)

Can Kratom help with arthritis pain? People who suffer from arthritis, experience severe joint pain. While pain medication and topical solutions are among the most common treatment methods, regular use is not only expensive but sometimes doesn't work. Therefore, many... (More)
Allyson Shock
Kratom Advocate & MitraSpec Affiliate

Hi there,

I absolutely agree with Courtney about tapering down or weaning yourself off of the rx meds; stopping meds cold turkey is a recipe for disaster, so definitely don't go that route. Ideally, alternating your pain meds & kratom... (More)

I tried Rainbow Blend capsules and loved it so much, I had to have 250g in powder! It gives good clean energy, relieves tough pain and even provides mild euphoria. It is absolutely my all-time fave of all of the... (More)